Beautiful YOU

I love this quote because it’s so true! Many women need to accept themselves the way they are, including me!Just be yourself…for acting like someone else isn’t you. It’s fake. Do you want to be real and honest? Then just be you. Your friends and family will love you for who you are and the rest of the world doesn’t matter.

I’m placing this quote on my fridge for when I have self-doubt. Isn’t it just easier to be yourself with love and acceptance? I would imagine life will roll a lot smoother when you do this.




Happy summer, friends! I hope you all are enjoying it~

All My Best,

Heart and Soul


Your Happiness

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I’m finally learning this monumental lesson as a 49 year-old woman. Happiness doesn’t lie with your husband or children or on exciting Christmas morning. Happiness isn’t what you do for a living nor how you spend your free time.

True happiness begins within you. Yes, you! I’m working on this, on seeking contentment and peace(which I think are relatives of true happiness for the three go hand in hand) within myself. I am extremely grateful for learning this and I’m on my way to self happiness. It’s a tough and long road but will eventually lead to peace and self-love.

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Maybe you can find short-lived happiness in a book, a favorite activity or movie. But true contentment and happiness MUST be inside of you first. You must find it, cultivate and let it grow so that all around you, so that everything will fall in place.

I do hope you’ve discovered this truth! I wish you all loads of happiness as you live your life. A question to ask yourself is, “am I happy with myself?” If not, it’s time to change this. I am.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

Saying NO

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I look back upon my busy years of raising sons and keeping our family afloat during times of baseball games and commitments, appointments, school, my college classes, work and housework and I wonder how I did it all. I guess I was young enough with a never ending energy that helped me get through. Life was good but busy! Being busy isn’t always good for you, because you run through life at full speed and forget to slow down and relax.

My son’s baseball team a few years back, the Lisbon Panthers. He’s number 11 in the huddle.

I remember my schedule during baseball season. I loved going to Dylan’s baseball games, they were exciting and it was so much fun seeing him and his teammates play. But it was busy, going to baseball games three times a week and sometimes four. I didn’t have time to make supper for Tom and I know he didn’t like it. I scrambled to find time to do laundry and regular housework as well because I really was never home.


I don’t have regrets, believe me. I loved and still love baseball and that feeling of showing up for my son. I do have one regret though. I wish I would’ve said “No” more often to baking for fundraisers and other commitments I should’ve passed on. I was trying desperately to be the perfect mom where I should’ve just said no for my sanity and peace instead.

Warm up at the Senior game a few years ago.
Dylan at bat

I read somewhere that being busy isn’t Godly. I don’t know if I agree, but I do agree with the fact that it’s too rushed and that when you are busy(especially if you are a mother and wife), there’s no time to be quiet and still. In those silent moments a sense of tranquility grows. It’s a time to stop the thoughts and put down the to-do list and just be. If a mom can learn to settle and slow down, then her children will learn from her and reap all the benefits from it.


Now it’s easier to say no to events and commitments that aren’t in my heart. Sometimes we moms and wives need to take time for us, to pass on the eternal “yes”answer. For you young moms out there, give yourself permission to say no when it can’t be done or you don’t feel it in your heart. Everyone will be okay and people will respect your answer and move on. No one cares if you say yes or no and if they do, then it’s their baggage and not yours.

I hope you all are enjoying the month of June and finding time to slow down. That quiet time is great for self reflections and with that you and your family will be so much stronger and peaceful because of it.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul


Sometimes heavy thoughts weigh on my mind, steamrolling anything light and positive. Those times I lose faith and dig in, assuring myself that I can beat the terrible thoughts and overcome them by myself. This has happened this week….an issue has been building up for a couple of years, something I thought threatened me and my family. I bucked hard against the negativity but many times gave in. When I did this my self-esteem plunged, I questioned my life and how it’s going and many things that I’ve always expected to be a certain way.


I cried a lot. I felt so defeated and defensive and uncertain of my future. Through all this tribulation, I forgot who to trust. I didn’t pray. Because of this drastic mistake, the situation in my mind grew to enormous lengths and I hit rock bottom. Not trusting in the creator leads to these doomsday ideas and thoughts. Not praying and believing in Him makes it the end of the world.



Thankfully I talked to my mom and she prayed. We both prayed to God. We prayed for strength, comfort and the ability to knock these low self-esteem thoughts from me. Mom prayed for a sign. She said, “Lord, send Mary a sign that you are listening and you have this situation under control, Amen.”


Lately I’ve prayed for sick relatives and friends. I’ve prayed for many things but not my life nor for myself. I forgot to do this. Then my mom’s prayers opened up those  gates I had put up and allowed me to pray again. I prayed early in the morning over coffee. I  prayed while performing chores. I quietly prayed at night under the silent covers.


This morning I looked over at my June calendar in my kitchen. My dad made this wooden calendar and I decorate it differently every month. On June first I had placed the wooden letters that spell, FAITH on the top. Yet everyday I wrestled with this situation I didn’t even notice FAITH until this morning. Maybe on June first God knew I would battle this and led me to putting up the letters. Maybe not…but I”d like to think he was behind it.

All in all, everything is fine. My marriage is strong and loving, despite my past worries and anxiety. We are happy and strong. We love each other. My inner image is a work in progress. I continue to pray for a strong self-image, for confidence and peace within the depths of my soul.

I thank God for pulling me out of the depths of despair and self-doubt. I am okay and I will destroy the terrible thoughts from my head. Sometimes those negative thoughts take up too much space and I feel the only way to combat it is to pray. Praying restores that sense of peace, a place I wish to be in to live a happy life.

I hope you all are having a great week! This week is my last at school, finishing up on Thursday with a good workshop on Trauma and kids. After that Tom and I have the summer ahead of us, with many exciting adventures. One is our oldest son, Dylan getting married in August.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

Letting Fear Go



Many women have learned to live life with fear, either by being taught this or by being immersed in the fear cycle through emotional or physical abuse. I’ve always been fearful…starting as a little girl I was afraid of anything and everything. To this day I still need to remind myself that I’m stronger than the dark cloud of fear and that I can overcome it! I’m  tired of the pattern it knits and how it makes me feel inside.



What has helped me tackle it  is trusting God and riding the storm with his sheltering umbrella over me. It’s not to say that it creeps up now and then, but it keeps these feelings at bay and under control.


Recently I had to venture alone down south on busy route 93 to pick up my son close to Boston. I had scattered fearful thoughts of what if…my car breaks down? What if I get in an accident so far from home? When ever I go alone, fear invades my every being but I squash it and say to myself that I am confident and strong. For I am!



Fear stunts growth and keeps a person stuck in negativity. After acknowledging the fear, I let it go. I challenge its foundation and embrace strength instead. This is all part of my growing journey…an exhilarating triumph to see it for what it is and squash it entirely.


I’m not saying that all this inner work is easy for its not…sometimes life’s events will happen and jar my strength and then I am back to the drawing board. It’s constant work to remember that fear only lives when one gives it life, wouldn’t you say? I would rather give energy to strength and confidence. I can’t wait until the day I bid a complete goodbye to this work, but until then I’ll strive to do better.

As I write this, I think of another plaguing insecurity of mine is jealousy. I’ve planned on writing a post on it in the future and hope you all can lend me a hand on my journey by encouraging my removal of it from my life.

Thank you all for your friendship and love. I never could have imagined the incredible people on word press that have contributed to my life. I consider many of you dear friends, although we have never met, we share many hopes and dreams and hurts.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

Living Without My IPAD


This was Taken at the Ice castles this winter!

Sometimes you just know deep inside you that you need to walk away from a gadget or habit, you know? Even so… it’s such a part of your life that it seems extremely  difficult to stop. This is how I feel about my  iPad usage.  I’ve relied on it for five years, checking the weather, email, banking, blogging, messaging, you get the idea, right?

A few months ago the screen shattered when I dropped it. ( I had dropped it many times before but was lucky every time) I kept on using it and developed a system where I wouldn’t get glass splinters from touching the screen. Then the battery started acting up and not charging. I rushed to buy a new charger cable and discovered that the battery’s finally dead. My iPad is gone and here I am typing on my desktop computer. It’s not the same nor as convenient but I wonder if this was God’s doing, as the thoughts of addiction came to my mind. Everywhere I was the iPad wasn’t far away.


So this is why I haven’t written or posted pictures lately. Many of my photos for my blog were on the iPad and I didn’t back it up. So this is a lesson learned that if I ever do buy another gadget for information….I’ll back it up!

I hope this entry finds you all well and happy with your life!

I’m working on a post about this winter and a visit to the Ice Castles and my mom’s trip to Amish country in Ohio. Check back in soon, friends!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul


Sunday Morning


The quiet moments of a Sunday morning calm me and my soul. Every working person knows the weekend is when you get things done at home but not only that. It’s a time of peace and quiet, an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries for the coming work week. Without this time, I become exhausted and distracted.




You may attend church and that’s your peace. Perhaps you read a good book by candlelight or meditate in a dark room. Everyone relaxes and recharges in a different way. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it generates tranquility in your life.



There are various activities I do on a Sunday morning. I sit with my steaming coffee and look out the window watching my world wake up. Sometimes I blog and catch up on friends’ blog entries and comment. Other times I make a breakfast for us. This morning I made crepes, one of my husband’s favorites. On the side I heated up blueberries, added a dash of cinnamon and a tablespoon of sugar. It was fun to fill my little cordial cups with orange juice and set the table as if we had company. I love a good chance to use my best china and light the candles.

Here’s hoping you all have a restful Sunday!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul