An Owl Sighting

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Sometimes Tom and I take night rides around our town gawking at deer or whatever wildlife is out and about. A few days ago we were traveling up steep King Hill Road when an owl swooped over our car and landed on a nearby tree branch. It’s wingspan was quite expansive and at first it was quite hard to figure out what type of bird it was!

Tom put the truck in park while we watched the owl in the twilight. It stood absolutely still, probably about ten feet away from us. It was too dark to take a picture but it’s image is burned in my memory, it’s small stature, it’s wide alert eyes, it’s calm demeanor.

There’s something special about owls. When I see one I feel that magic is around me. It’s absolute beauty and composure amazes me, sometimes bringing me to tears.

It was a special wildlife moment that happens, taking my breath away! We were instantly mesmerized and what was really a minute or so, seemed like ages.  I thank God for these creatures in my town and the opportunity to see them!


Serenity in Fallen Snow

 This morning I woke to hungry mewing cats crawling all over my bed , yet even so, there was a serene stillness in the house. Glancing out my living room window I saw a magical snow dusting on the cars and blanketing the ground. Stray dancing snowflakes fell from a murky sky. Suddenly I had an urge to be out in this canvas of beauty. I quickly pulled on my boots and ventured outside in the tranquility. The air was frosty but exhilarating to my lungs. Everything was still and peaceful. 








Tom’s truck was gone indicating he had to sand roads for the town. I trudged back in the house. First I fed the eager felines and then brewed a pot of coffee. The wood stove crackled in harmony as I peered out into the white world. How grateful I am  for this serene Sunday morning with nowhere to be but here in my cozy little house in the country! 



It is mornings like this that remind me to breathe and just be. Maybe today I don’t need to rush out into the world to make my mark. It all happens here in my snug home with a wintry white picture show in view.


On such a beautiful morning I remember that today is November 11th. Happy Veteran’s day friends! Thank you veterans ( especially my dad David Doyle and Tom’s dad Robert Blowey and my friends Laurie and Russ Burridge) for the sacrifices you’ve made for our country!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️❤️❤️


Pumpkin Discovery

Whirling winds swept crinkled leaves

here and there.

The mid day sun gleamed

as warm temperatures reached 60,

batheing me with contentment.

Teeny chickadees flitted from branch to branch

of an old gnarled

apple tree.





Suddenly I spied

an orange hue from the compost pile.

A radiant glow,

tangled within greens and browns,

the pumpkin vine.





Upon close investigation

Tom found

the globe shaped fruit

bitten into,


cleaned out,

to feed a wild belly.

Its readiness for winter.


Tom cut the rough stem

and swiftly rolled it

down the pile.

I hoped the hungry creature

would return to finish.




We  harvested the green lil guy,

the squash we knew about.

No sudden surprises.

No orange color yet.




This spontaneous discovery

turned into slight disappointment,

but a fulfilling opportunity

for our visitor!

He/ she needed it more.


I am hopeful

the critter will survive the winter.

Maybe our pumpkin made a difference.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul



Still blooming!


This rose bush is still blooming in October!



This rose bush started in a small decorative pot. My daughter-in-law gifted it to me for Mother’s Day. At first I kept it nestled in the pot and placed it on my outside table. Then I decided to plant it in my front flower garden in a corner. It has bloomed sweet little yellow roses for months now with many inches of growth and healthy leaves.




While all my perennials and bushes have gone by with the autumn changes, this beauty remains! An incredible feat in chilly New Hampshire! It’s a good indication of its heartiness and that I made the right placement. I’m beyond grateful for Lexy’s beautiful rose plant, my new gardening addition. Thank you Lexy. ❤️


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💜


Goodbye Garden Days

IMG_0130.JPG Here we are immersed in September and as most New Hampshire gardeners know, that means gardening days are numbered. There’s a chill in the air and a pungent odor of dying plants. This smell emerges every late August, my warning sign of my gardens last days. It’s a stark opposite of the fresh spring garden scent in early June and quite sad too.   IMG_0135 Tomato plants topple from their weight, resembling small trees. Red plum tomatoes as well as Big Boy fruits ripen, almost ready to pick. Everyday I venture out to my plot to pick a few more gems. My deepest regret is not finding time to pick tomato leaves, especially the dead ones. Carrot tops are brittle as their orange color peeks out from the top of the dirt. Purple beets are globe shaped and neighbors to the carrots, awaiting to be pickled.         Broccoli has gone by and what’s left is greenish brown plants. Corn stalks wave in the breeze, swaying to and fro parallel to my sunflower patch. Scampering gray squirrels climb the towering plants to hoard the sunflower seeds. What a mess they leave, bending the stalks and scattering flower bits all over!       For a few weeks now I’ve made homemade spaghetti sauce from the plum and heirloom tomatoes. We are fortunate to enjoy our grown tomatoes well into winter. I’ve been cutting fresh sweet corn off the cob to freeze as well as freezing a few cobs for mid- winter meals.     Another garden season has come and gone, all fleeting days with racing time. Every year it seems to go by faster and faster! My true hope is that I continue to maintain a vegetable garden each summer until my final days. It’s not only a hobby but something vital to my existence. Are you putting your garden to bed? What did you put up from your growing season? All My Best, Heart and Soul💜