USA Election…it’s finally over!




I voted this week, hoping to make a difference in my state of New Hampshire and  my country. Both my sons voted, exercising their right and speaking their voice. I’m so proud of them for doing this and caring about our country. Even though my heart and soul wasn’t in my vote, sadly the results are far from what I wanted.


My vote was against Trump’s name calling, and his bullying of people with disabilities. From the beginning I saw how he treated women, judged them and talked down to them. I couldn’t imagine investing in him and trusting him, a person who is like that. I have to be honest here, I voted simply to defeat him. I had my doubts about my candidate but voted anyway, believing that this was the right thing to do.


The people have spoken and all I can say is God be with Trump as he leads our great county, a place where I’m proud to be and even if I didn’t support the president- elect I would never think of moving to Canada. ( That’s the trend that certain celebrities are contemplating doing that.)


I was watching Maria Shriver on her Facebook post and she said something that was courageous and open minded. She was devestated with the election results but called her Trump supporting friends to have an honest conversation about why they supported him. With her inspirational words, it made me realize that we all must accept others opinions and respect them. We, as a people must come together instead of shouting and being opinionated about who should run our country. Politics makes us angry and passionate about being right. I don’t want to be that way but was that way recently. I wish to live in peace and accept.




For now I’ll get over it and accept that Trump will be our next president. I pray that he will be a positive leader and fair to all. I pray that he can help straighten out Washington and hold the people serving us accountable. As I reflect on these results, one thing comes to mind.  Everything  rests in how we carry ourselves, if we get along and agree to disagree. We all want the same things, to see peace and posterity and to see the USA come together and get things done. With all that said, I will continue to make peace in my family, my small town and live in kindness and peace.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗