Stretching for Sanity

It’s my latest love. It feels good from my head to my toes. It relaxes my body and settles my mind. My muscles flex and stretch. Stretching is pretty much a part of my exercise routine everyday. The Pilates on dvd, my athletic weights work- out on dvd all include sessions of stretching as a warm- up and cool down.

Everyday I challenge myself how I can incorporate more stretching my body into the day. Here are some ways I stretch while doing tasks:

While brushing my teeth I squat up and down squeezing my thighs, inner thighs and buttocks. It feels good to stand on my tippy toes and go up and down.

When I’m doing cooking pots and pans ( that I don’t put in the dishwasher) I stretch one leg at a time, kicking out.

In the morning when I’m blow drying my hair I stretch one leg at a time on the window sill and feel the muscle burn. It’s a great feeling!

You can simply stretch with the use of a chair!

The more I breathe deeply and stretch…the more I feel alive! It does my body good as well as my emotional well being. By working all my muscles, I’m investing in my health. After all I’m 50 now and it’s my obligation to myself to use what I’ve got. Want to know what’s crazy? I am moving more than I ever did in my twenties! I didn’t eat healthy in those days nor did I take care of my emotional well being. I would say I feel the best I’ve ever felt, simply because I’m doing the hard work!

My collection of exercise dvds

I’m thankful that I browsed through different exercise dvds such as Denise Austin’s Pilates and Ageless with Kathy Smith. I’ve also checked out Jillian Michaels on YouTube. I think variety is key to staying true to routine. Otherwise boredom kicks in and hearing and seeing an exercise routine for years gets old. I’m sick of one exercise dvd I’ve practiced on and off for fifteen years. It’s like playing a broken record…too much predictability, I know what the instructor is about to say and honestly I’m ready to move on. That’s okay…as I’ve found other dvds and videos to challenge myself.

If you’re craving a body stretch, start small. Try stretching while doing the dishes or brushing your teeth. Stretch before you go to bed or just after you wake up. Moving your body will make you feel flexible and so much better. Go to a yoga class or look up a video on YouTube. Trust me, it works and gets addicting as you increase it. It’s great for your emotional well- being as well.