Times are Changing!

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Hello my friends, boy have things changed since the last time I posted! It’s happened so rapidly across the world affecting many people! Here in northern New Hampshire life still remains quiet and sedated as the snow melts, birds return and spring seems like it’s here to stay! But If you venture out in our community all super stores and supermarkets host desperate shoppers stocking up on supplies such as toilet paper, disinfectant cleaners and wipes, canned soups, and perishables that will last in the cupboard for several weeks.

Schools are closed, a very sad event for all of us teachers and para educators and students. I went back this last week to get my materials organized and to help my co- worker Zack to compile learning packets for Title I students. The halls were bare and lonely without the energetic children. I look forward to the time it’s safe to go back. I miss the children and my co-workers. I’ve always known how fortunate I am to hold this special job but now I’m even more grateful!

We have enough food and supplies ( toilet paper, tissues, medicines and cleaning supplies) to get us through a few weeks. I pray this resolves itself sooner than people are saying this will end.

My son Branden is here taking his college courses online. His apartment outside of Boston sits empty as he is here and his girlfriend is back home as well. Considering the uncertainty and total roadblock to his plans, Branden has been a trooper! He has cooked a lot for us and has helped plan meals. He stays optimistic and hopeful that in within a month Boston will be back to normal. Then he can resume his life that’s on hold. I pray it happens like that so he’ll be complete, happy with his girlfriend and life there. In the meantime he’s facing this pandemic like we are, with steadfast bravery, patience and focusing on what he can do while he’s here.

We all could use a little cheer…what’s more cheery than beautiful flowers?❤️

How are you all doing? Do you have still have your job? Are you practicing self quarantine while this craziness rages?

All My Best,