Happy Anniversary Babe

August 26, 1995 Our Wedding Day 

Lasting love….our wedding day 1995



Twenty two years ago I married this guy. We have made a home together, where we created a beautiful family. Through the years we’ve  raised two great sons, who have grown into promising young men with strong work ethics and future visions. I’m proud to say our home was and still is happy, safe and filled with love for each other.



My anniversary card that my husband bought me last year.


One of our wedding photos. We are posed where we married, in front of the pond.



This is us this year, lots of physical changes are apparent but our love has grown stronger with age.❤


This guy is my best friend…the type of person who has your back, a good listener and he makes me laugh! How blessed I am to be married to this guy! 22 years of marriage and 24 years together❤ Tonight we are going out to eat, our usual celebration for tying the knot. Another tradition is that we order dessert to go and bring it back home to savor during a movie. 🎉🎉🎉



Where Did You Meet Your Spouse?

If you were to marry your spouse where you met, where would it be?


I saw this post on Facebook and it triggered a writing inspiration. I met my husband through my mother-in- law. We worked together at Butson’s deli and became friendly. She invited me to dinner after work one night, a delicious shrimp creole. I remember great loving conversation and soon after dinner, my father-in-law Bob and husband Tom arrived home from a work trip at her daughter’s house.




I’ve told this story many times, but never on my blog. My  first impression of her son was that he was a very handsome man. I felt my insides quiver and I shook his hand, not knowing that I would marry this guy. Tom shook my hand and disappeared to the bathroom for a shower. I stayed a few more minutes but left when he didn’t come out. I’m told that when he finally came back to the dining room, he asked, ” where did she go?”






Soon after we met at his house for dinner, our first date. Tom made chicken fingers and French fries in a small broaster. After we played Monopoly and explored his back yard, where there was a pond. The most romantic gesture he’s ever revealed happened next. Much to my surprise, this 32- year old man took me out in his row-boat on the pond. As he rowed to and fro, I beamed with happiness and absorbed the peaceful scene. This vivid memory lives deep in my heart.



Tom and I met at his parent’s house in New Hampshire in 1993. Two years later we had an intimate wedding with 50 family members and friends at the same house, right in front of the same family pond. He had enlarged this water hole with his dad years before, rowed me across it that first date and finally married me there.💕

Where did you meet your spouse? I would love to hear your story.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

The Doggy Dock

Recently I enjoyed a fun camping trip at Mountain Lake Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire, about 40 minutes from my home. One of my inspiring highlights was what I witnessed at the beach, an amusing display of doggy family fun.



Relaxing people sat here and there on the beach and on the bordering grass. A proud Golden Retriever pranced along the perimeter of the beach, like a royal prince entering his castle. Suddenly a little brown dog yipped at his heels, disheveling  his cool demeanor. A chaotic chorus of dogs’ barks rang throughout the beach, igniting the owners’ chuckles and amusement. This spectacle was much better than my slow book, capturing my attention throughout.



The doggy dock is sandwiched between the campground’s fishing dock and the swimming rope barrier. It’s just big enough for three or four owners and their pets. This day a content owner and a few other campers stood with their dogs intent on play and leisure. Upon releasing his dog’s leash, the camper snapped his wrist and energetically thrust the stick several feet in the water. There was a simultaneous splash of the Golden and little dog, jumping in the lake amid laughing families. It was amusing to see the prince like Golden keep swimming into the lake. I guess he felt free and just wanted to keep going, much to his owner’s chagrin.



Laughter and pure fun lived on that beach that day. Families that were strangers became fast friends, all orchestrated by their dogs. I notice that the commonality of dogs brings people together, something I am not familiar with. You see, I’m a cat person….dog lovers ,don’t judge me by this, but it’s true. I’ve had a few cats over the years and have grown quite fond of how they are. Despite this, I wish they would be able to play fetch. That’s unheard of, especially in pools of water. Cats just don’t do that and the only object they may fetch is a catnip mouse but it would have to be on their terms.



The special moments passed, as swiftly as they began and I decided to pack up. As I folded up my metal beach chair and packed away my book, I briefly reflected on this scene. Through all the barking and laughing, I saw complete love. Dogs and all pets bring a deep joy to their owners, a happiness that is an entity all itself. I’m blessed that I witnessed this and genuinely happy for the content campers and their dogs!





I hope you all are enjoying the summer or whatever season you are immersed in now. Let me know if you have a dog or cat and what your favorite moments are.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



A Little Sign


Have you ever been on vacation or a get away and stumbled upon a surprise, a gentle reminder of God’s love? I have,  on my camping trip with Theo, my mother in law and friend. As far as I’m concerned the gift was no coincidence…


I sat on a metal folding beach chair when my right foot skated across a smooth surface, a rock. It was partially hidden in the shallow depths of the sand. I love finding special rocks and the few times that they are unique, they are secretly stashed in the folds of my pocket for the trip home.


This particular rock was not only smooth and beautiful, but a heart shape! It’s not the only heart shaped rock I have stumbled upon, for years ago I found a big rock that my mom painted for my garden and last year a pinkish heart rock that decorates my shady garden. It seems that I’ve started collecting heart shaped rocks simply by fate. 


This heart was a sign from God for a few reasons. I believe he coaxed me to find it so that I was reminded of his presence and His love. It also served as a reminder to drop anxiety and relax during the trip. I’m grateful for these signs, for they just appear suddenly when I seem to need them. I’m always on the look out for them, for if I’m not paying attention it may just pass by without meaning. Be on the look out for little signs from Him, however how small. There’s always a reason and you must figure that out for yourself.

I must mention in the wake of Charlottesville and recent terrorist attacks, I’m thinking of how the news focuses on all the evil in the world. Please remember to focus on the love that people freely give to each other instead of the evil and hate that occurs! Our steady army of people who refuse to give in to hate stand strong with an unwavering faith in good. God’s love lives in all of us who believe and fight for love and peace! Blessings and peace to you all.❤❤❤

I think an amazing sunset is one of God’s pure gifts!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



What is This?

Does anyone know what this rusty object could be? A few weeks ago I was weeding around a stump in our front yard. I planted flowers there and wanted to clean it up. As I pulled grasses and weeds, I pulled on this object that was immersed in the core of the rotting  stump. At first I guessed that it was a type of bottle opener but the more I study it, it doesn’t seem to be. It was made in Taiwan and almost looks like the narrow end was broken off of something. Perhaps this object was part of a machine but how did it get in a rotted stump?





I love a good mystery that’s why I enjoy ancestry immensely! It’s fascinating to wonder about what people did long ago,  especially in our house that was built around 1890. Once I found a few pieces of old China dishes buried underneath my garden. Long ago families dug trenches on their property to dump discarded items and apparently there are several on our property. Last summer Tom found a site where he was building his garage. Coincidentally the old barn stood on the same spot and when it was torn down, many objects were buried there. Tom found old chains, tires, milking instruments, animal bones and a rusted jewelry box to name a few.




I’m keeping this piece of history, even if I may never know. It’s a curiosity that will rest in my garden, keeping me wondering and connected somehow to the past. Let me know what your guess is.


An update…I just googled ” old bottle opener” and found this image. Could this be the same?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

Delicious Apple Carrot Zucchini Muffins


Pour a second cup of coffee with these yummy muffins!


Every year I bake zucchini muffins for my family. They are easy to put together and my family loves them. Just yesterday I was browsing zucchini recipes on Pinterest and found a new muffin recipe that sounded good, so I had to try it.

This Apple carrot and zucchini muffin recipe is borrowed from the blog at wineandglue.com. Lisa is a mom “ with a glue gun in one hand and a glass of wine in the other”. That’s my kind of mom, honest with a sense of humor! Check out her blog  and see the recipe there at Zucchini Carrot Muffins


Enjoy! My family ate these for a snack or breakfast. Either way they are moist and delicious!


I want to share with you all how I store muffins, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods. About six years ago I saw these snap it plastic storage containers on QVC. They were selling a set of two and I don’t remember what I paid for them but they are handy and convenient to own. I have a handy deep one with a traveling handle and a shallow one without the handle. I’ve also seen similar containers at T.J. Maxx.

They keep baked goods fresh for me. I also store veggies like lettuce and beet greens in the refrigerator in them. Look them up if you need great storage containers for your kitchen.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤