The Serenade of Peepers



It’s that time of year again, when the silent moments are magically transformed into  a pleasant melody from nature. My husband and I have listened to the serenade of the cheery peepers while lying in bed in the dark of the night and the early hours of dawn. I find it amusing that some people download these soothing sounds just to relax and we just need to go to bed or stroll outside for the same experience.







It’s something that I look forward to every year, a beautiful and enchanting sign of spring. It usually commences in mid or late April and lasts through May, so short lived. Our bedroom faces a little pond, about one hundred and fifty feet away from the house and far enough to be on the opposite side of the property, yet it seems so much closer! It is a loud and joyous tune, an orchestra of little male frogs calling for their mates from the forest and the pond’s edges.



Do you hear the peepers where you live? What other peaceful songs from nature do you relish to hear?

Happy Spring from my corner of the world!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗













The Power of Music🎶

Def Leppard took the US by storm in the 80’s by exposure on MTV










Music channels people to past moments, a time to reflect . It moves the soul, and stirs the memories up within you. It evokes deep emotions such as a lost sadness or happiness that penetrates your every being, suffocating any other emotion at that moment. When listening to old favorites, I find myself remembering when I was  a young soul with much to learn.





My music interest is an eclectic mix of rock,80’s and current pop,  some rap, some country, and classical. I play whatever I’m in the mood for…sometimes it may be Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks,Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Dan Fogelburg or James Taylor. When excited and full of energy, it’s Def Leppard, AC Dc, Aerosmith, Bad Company or Boston. Rock music makes me feel like Im alive and importantly, young again. Because of this, it remains my favorite music genre. I listen to Spotify music while cooking or doing dishes. I have created different playlists for different occasions, such as mom’s current songs for an upbeat mood, old favorites for a blast of the past , classic and quirky for a somber mood and so on. The sound and beat of music has to match my mood and then everything is right with the world at that moment!



Music is an artistic medium that speaks to my soul and as I reach milestones in life, a song can explain each one! Listening to a mere melody from younger days brings me right back to that moment! I relive those memories through a song. Whenever I hear ” I swear” from Muchael Montgomery, visions of our wedding day rushes in. Our first dance was to that honky tonk tune. If I hear the energetic “Photograph” by Def Leppard, my heart skips a beat even thirty years later! It transforms me into a young and innocent 16 year old.





My high school craze was passionately listening to a hair band in the 80’s, the British rockers Def Leppard.I remember seeing their video on Music Television. MTV was a way of life then. Watching and absorbing rock videos and all these years later, I still love the music and let it guide me through life.





Imagine this middle aged mom and wife transformed at a Def Leppard concert in New Hampshire last summer. Standing in an outside venue with my husband and son with his girlfriend, the oh so familiar songs magically brought me back to the age of 16. I sang my heart out, danced and laughed and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had! That memorizing bug bit me and I fell in love with the music all over again! I sang every lyric, all close to my heart and soul.






Do you have certain songs that resonate memories and milestones in your life? Think about this, write them down and access them through CDs, Pandora, ITunes or Spotify. Try compiling your favorites into a playlist. You can skip around and choose songs or just listen to it straight through.



Until next time listen to the music and let it take you away!🎶



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️