The Magic of December


December has arrived overnight 

bringing in magic and delight

with twinkling lights and a lil’ glow

and dreams of piled up frosty snow

Sleepy cats lie at my feet

So peaceful and so sweet

An old aged Santa guards the tree

while I wish for a silent night 

in harmony.


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season with your loved ones.






Being Rich


As an adult I’ve never cared about having money or in our case, the lack of. I do like to keep our bills paid and have emergency money if we ever needed it. But beyond that, Tom and I feel rich in other ways. We both would give things away before we sold them for top dollar. We are plain simple people, with no agenda, airs about us or greed for money.




Our wealth securely lies in our marriage, a family we both hold dear to our heart and our jobs that we are so blessed with.We are rich in health and with a few exceptions.  All these things are priceless without any doubt. I know that many people wish for all these precious things all their life and never obtain them and that makes it even more special.




There was a brief time that we got hooked, though. Do you remember the Megabucks last year when it hit a billion cash prize? In our area there was a frenzy and buzz around town about pooling money, buying tickets and racing to convenience stores to hopefully buy the life changer. We sat at the dinner table and played out our dreams. We would definitely make sure our sons would be all set in life, share with family ( although this is a tough decision because where would you draw the line?), go on vacations more often, continue renovating our house and maybe hire contractors to finish it so Tom could rest.




Throughout all this money planning and dreaming, my humble thoughts transformed into ones I didn’t recognize! What if we won, we asked, unlike any spoken words we’ve ever given breath to. A twinge of greed consumed me for a few days and I had to give it to the Lord to rid it for me. The drawing came and went. We didn’t even stay up to check but went to bed like anxious and excited children at Christmas time.




In the morning the dream fizzled and we plunged back into reality…without a big lump of money that would take care of us for life. But I’m truly relieved that we didn’t win, for we have richness in love and family and money can’t buy that! I believe deeply in my heart that God answered my prayer and the result was that we lost.  It’s nice to pay the bills and have a cushion to lay back on, but money causes many problems, feuds, resentments and brings out the worse in people. I don’t want to jump into that chaotic world where we could transform into strangers and not truly be ourselves.




Now we don’t play the lottery except for  a few scratch tickets on New Year’s Eve for fun. We’ll  keep it lighthearted and continue to bask in this terrific simple life! Money is okay to have but not a necessity for us. 




All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

A Work in Progress







Last September my husband, brother- in- law Chris and my son Dylan tore down a decrepit shed/ barn that was attached to the house. At first our plan was to build an adjoining garage to the house in the shed’s place. But one day I looked out our bedroom window with a charming view of our little yard overlooking the pond and suddenly I didn’t care for the idea. I tried to convince Tom but words wouldn’t make the difference, so I told him to look out that window. It didn’t take long for Tom to admire the beauty and dream, as I did about our bedroom view. ( which will be even superior with the other window we intend to install.)


In June Tom’s long time friend, Mike stopped by and on a whim offered to bring his tractor over. He offered to help dig and level for the post and beam garage. The dream was beginning to be reality and the first promising step taken!


Then a few weeks later Tom hauled discarded telephone poles to the site. They would strongly be the frame for the garage. The next step was to rent a machine to dig the holes and help place the posts. Our son Dylan worked a weekend with him inserting the poles into the dug holes.



A happy father and son duo




In just a few fleeting days a frame appeared. With the use of a trusty ladder, my talented husband hoisted up boards to nail down. He was so speedy that I missed taking pictures of some steps. Here are some of the latest ones of this amazing project.




As summer days breeze on by, the garage continues to evolve. A determined man of many skills vows to complete as much as he can before snow flies( which could very well be in October around here!) Until it’s finished and cars are parked securely in its bays, I’m keeping track of every step along the way. After all, years down the road we may forget steps or memories may fade…but pictures and journaling will be reminders of the process.


This is garage project/ dream just solidifies my proud feelings. This man, my husband, knows everything there is to know about cars, building, welding, electricity, plumbing and the list goes on. Not only do I love this man, but relish in his God given talents and independence of getting everything done by himself.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

Katie’s Cat Nap








It’s an afternoon at home…I’ve already tended to my garden and now it’s about time for a light lunch. In my kitchen window lies a roly poly kitty named Katie.She’s a gray tiger cat with cool black marking stripes. She’s lived 13 years this month, hailing from one of our neighbor’s litters. Once a tiny fragile kitten, now she’s grown into a pudgy cat with an extremely soft coat of hair and a magnificent striped tail. So lovable and a dear, she’s an important member of our family!





What a beautiful cat she is! I think I better snap some photos to remember this moment! She relaxes and naps in the sill, feeling the wonderful cool breeze. The hummingbirds frequent the feeder just outside the screen. A warm sun covers the yard with an uplifting gold light… but that breeze! How comfortable and inviting!










Oops! I think my Ipad disturbed her nap! A little voice inside me warns me to let her be. Tiptoe away softly so she can resume her napping. Time to go out and read a book in this heaven. I hope that you get to enjoy sunshine in your neck of the woods, read a summer novel or take a cat nap.


Oh…the joys of summer in New Hampshire!🌞🌞🌞😎



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

One Cozy Cat 😻






It’s an April evening in New England. The  frigid air resembles winter, as animals of the wild scurry around in a cloak of pitch black. Inside our home the trusty stove continues its blasting heating duties, as it did mid- winter nights.



Supper dishes are neatly stacked in the dishwasher and Tom has the TV on for amusement. I tiptoe around with my iPad, snapping photos of our tranquil animals, as they start their nightly nap. They snooze to their hearts content, unlike their wild  neighbors. Choosing their resting spots involves prancing around rooms, seeking quiet comfty nests.





We have a rocker that Tom’s employer, Mrs. Geneen  gave us years ago. It sits humbly in our livingroom waiting for someone to sit down. Mostly our cats occupy it.This was Smokey’s spot every night and then suddenly Katy took it over! Surprisingly our black kitty boy has relinquished his hold on the bed and sleeps at the top of the couch or at the foot of our bed.







Do you think my cat Katy looks content with her home? I don’t think she could be any happier! It’s these peaceful moments that I cherish, absorbing their hanging it all out poses!





Wouldn’t you like to simply cuddle up in a cozy spot, stretch every limb out and sleep to your hearts content? My weekends resemble these poses. I stretch out under the bed covers, relishing a placid morning without piercing alarms waking me up.  These are some of my favorite weekend moments…letting go of worry and anxiety and just being cozy!



Have a great week all and try to soak in your cozy moments!


All my Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

Dreams that Teach

Have you ever had reoccurring nightmares ? I have…a long time ago, when my life was very different than it is today. I was a young and naive 21 year old with a little job at the local deli and a yearning to be loved. Against all reason, I got involved in an undesirable toxic relationship. In a sequence of events, I turned into a person I didn’t recognize!

I know most women have had that one horror relationship that eventually taught them the valuable wisdom of setting expectations high. Then later on when they are ready, they meet someone who they truly deserve and who deserves them. Now as a middle aged woman, I know confidently that I deserved much more than what I plunged into. If I could travel back in time and inform my younger self of these truths, maybe I would have saved myself the heartache. Yet, upon reflection I realize how thankful I am for this difficulty. Trying times molded me into the woman I am today. Without troubling times and heartache, all of us wouldn’t have built the strong character within us!

My nightmares were eerily strange when one detail would change every time. One night I had a nightmare that spoke a significant message, but at the time I was too clouded with confusion to acknowledge it. In the vision, I lay in a coffin deep in the earth. If this isn’t terrifying enough, I was alive! Within the tight chamber, I strived with all my might to get up, but I was stuck in a lying position. Waking in a pond of sweat, I could feel the physical exertion from the dream! I had never experienced such a haunting before! As it spooked my every being, I jotted it down anxiously in my journal.

Again, the next night, my helpless body lay paralyzed in the coffin. Every detail appeared the same as the previous night, yet this time someone was knocking on the coffin lid. I screamed, ” I gotta get up, I gotta get up.” The knocking kept repeating as I continued my chant and attempted to rise from the lying position. No matter how much I forced myself to rise, I was stiff within the closed up chamber.

I recall having the reoccurring vision a few more nights with little changes each time. One evening I was tucked tightly in bed, unable to move once again. Although my body was a statue, my eyes were alert and my hearing keen, as a continued knocking hammered on my apartment door. I kept chanting, ” I gotta get up, I gotta get up!” Another vision I lie in the same frozen state, the creepy knocking continued and my door was starting to open and suddenly I woke up!

What is peculiar but makes sense at the same time is when the relationship ended, so did the dreams! It was against my will and I desperately fought to keep it, even though inside I knew it was for the best. When pondering the details of the sequence of dreams, something clicked in me and I came to the stark realization that the dreams had significant meaning. In my first dream, my body was trying to push up, a sign to wake up. It called for me to wake up from this situation and break through the trapping state of denial. The dream of the knocking could have indicated a symbol of other opportunities or healthy relationships, such as the one I’m in now with my husband. Possibly the knocking on my apartment door meant the same but the opening door was a symbol of opening to new things. I had to get up from a paralyzing experience to open the door to true happiness.

I’m definitely not a scientist who knows all the answers regarding the study of dreams, but am aware that the sequence of dreams should’ve taught me the lessons of moving on, when it just wasn’t right or true. I didn’t listen to those visions, but I learned dreams can teach you something about your situation. If you are having dreams like these, jot them down. Try to find their meaning, because maybe a lesson can be learned. Successive similar dreams, like I’ve experienced, could be a wake up call that you may want to pay attention to. On that note, I hope with all my heart that YOU dream pleasant sweet dreams!

All my best,

Heart and Soul ❤️