Here I am Again

Hello blogging friends,

I want to share a piece of news with you. I will be writing more and reflecting upon my life changes. In July my husband of almost 28 years and lover and friend of 30 years,( a month shy) passed away from a stroke. He had been sick close to two years with ulcerative colitis and had lost a lot of weight.

Now I’m experiencing grief in all its forms. I can’t express how shocked I still am and the need to focus on distractions to keep afloat. So my posts will look different than in previous years but I hope you’ll still see the real me in them.

All My Best,


4 thoughts on “Here I am Again

  1. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry to read about your dear husband passing away. It is so hard to be separated from someone you were ‘one with’ for so many years. I can only imagine. It is a very deep loss. Praying for comfort for you and your family.


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