Living Without My IPAD


This was Taken at the Ice castles this winter!

Sometimes you just know deep inside you that you need to walk away from a gadget or habit, you know? Even so… it’s such a part of your life that it seems extremely  difficult to stop. This is how I feel about my  iPad usage.  I’ve relied on it for five years, checking the weather, email, banking, blogging, messaging, you get the idea, right?

A few months ago the screen shattered when I dropped it. ( I had dropped it many times before but was lucky every time) I kept on using it and developed a system where I wouldn’t get glass splinters from touching the screen. Then the battery started acting up and not charging. I rushed to buy a new charger cable and discovered that the battery’s finally dead. My iPad is gone and here I am typing on my desktop computer. It’s not the same nor as convenient but I wonder if this was God’s doing, as the thoughts of addiction came to my mind. Everywhere I was the iPad wasn’t far away.


So this is why I haven’t written or posted pictures lately. Many of my photos for my blog were on the iPad and I didn’t back it up. So this is a lesson learned that if I ever do buy another gadget for information….I’ll back it up!

I hope this entry finds you all well and happy with your life!

I’m working on a post about this winter and a visit to the Ice Castles and my mom’s trip to Amish country in Ohio. Check back in soon, friends!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul


15 thoughts on “Living Without My IPAD

  1. This is. Great. Mary. My iPad was down for few days. Well 8 days. Got used to the. Lap top again. Was kinda not ce not to check 40 timesa. Day. Keep up the good. Job b.

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    1. Hi Jodi, I hope you’re having a good weekend. I need to catch up on your blog entries, being without my ipad has been a challenge to blog and read others. Yes, I’ll share the Ice Castles post as soon as I finish it.

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  2. Oh so sorry to hear that. Yes, we can rely on a lot of gadgets these days can’t we? However, I find when I blog, I prefer to use my desktop as I find the keyboard on the iPad a bit hard to type on unless one has a “real” keyboard attached to the iPad. Gosh, that had to be tough losing all your pictures 😦

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    1. Hi Loretta, yes it’s hard to swallow but I learned a valuable lesson. It could be worse, I have many photos on my desktop and now I just need to back them up. Blessings to you!


  3. what gorgeous pics of the ice palace! I too broke a camera once in London when it fell off. But I just went and got another with a longer lens than that one and got better pics! we learn from such maddening stuff!

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