The Little Things


                                              Celebrate the little things in life.






Sometimes we get so busy going through the motions that we actually forget to live. Living is not getting by or getting your work done. Truly living is making the best of every moment and appreciating the little details. A few years ago I saw a post with a spectacular photo of a sunset and the words, Someday you will know that the little things in life were actually the big things, and that’s my inspiration for this post.




Thinking about this, my morning cup of coffee comes to mind. Every morning (unless he is sick), Tom prepares my coffee and leaves it on our counter. It’s more than a cup of joe that I certainly need with my caffeine addiction, but is filled with a steadfast love. It tastes strong and sweet with a dribble of honey. It’s all about the little things.
I love it when my kids are both home and actually talking with each other.  It does my soul good to know that now that their young men, they are actual friends. It’s all about the little things.





A smile, a friendly nod, kind words from a friend, a hug, your family eating and talking at the dinner table…



A rainbow in the middle of winter, a stunning sunset that speaks to your soul, a fluttering butterfly in October….




                      All these are valuable little things and add up to big things.
Open your eyes to the little things, for if you let them all pass by without noticing, you are missing out on special occurrences. Someday you may wake up without these little things and wish you paid attention to them.



All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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