The Fear of a Thunderstorm







After you read this poem of long ago, do you sense my fear and dislike of thunderstorms?  I wrote this poem in 1991 in a college class on an Apple computer, an ancient dinosaur compared to computers of today. Recently I looked through an old tattered notebook and this brittle typed page dropped out unexpectedly. As I sat in a quiet pensive state this afternoon, my initial inspiration came alive once again.




If I were to rewrite this poem, paltry wouldn’t be the word to use as it means small and insignificant.Here is my poem revamped:



A Thunderstorm

The cloud demons hovered over

The maze of deep blackish blue

Thunderous barbaric blows

Contributed  to a BOOM!

Constant thrashing limbs brushed against the window

A Wild and worrisome  gale thrusted

Loose shutters of chipped paint rattled and rattled

Amazing electrifying lightning flickered

As thunder rocked my ears, 

The rhythm of the rain

Set me in a sleepy trance

And the beautiful saving rain fell!




Upon reading my revamped poem, do you see some positive changes and my acceptance of the beauty of a thunderstorm? I’m tired of being afraid and so with all my might Im going to embrace this natural phenomena!






Looking back many years ago, I was fearful of thunderstorms and that is the inspiration for the poem. My mom was always afraid of lightning, but that went back years too. She was a waitress at my grandparents’restaurant ,while a wild stormy night rocked the dining room. My mom told me that it happened with an acceleration of electrical flashes. Lightning zipped through the screen, hitting the restaurant with an extremely loud crashing. Ever since that night she was fearful of thunderstorms.



For as long as I can remember those fears have lived and breathed in me during thunderstorms. Rushing to shield us from torrential yet beautiful lightning, I’ve always shut all the windows and screen doors. Because of my guarded behavior, I’ve missed all the mystical beauty that lightning storms truly are.  For once, I want to release all those anxious fears and leave the window open to natures majesty.





As a grown woman, I now know that thunderstorms are one of nature’s gifts to man to enjoy. The light show. The thunderous clattering. The deluge of water, pouring against pavement and splattering on glass windows. Just the other night I took a huge step and welcomed the storm with wide open windows!




During rain storms my favorite noise is the pouring pitter patter of wonderful rain. Through the barbaric thunder, the rain pleasantly plummets from the dark heavy clouds. Electrifying lightning crashes and the rain still falls. I look forward to storms this summer and embracing all the beauty in it. Through all the crashing thunder and splitting lightning lies tremendous natural power. It’s an amazing event!


Do you enjoy watching thunderstorms or are you fearful of them?
All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

3 thoughts on “The Fear of a Thunderstorm

  1. I loved this post! It was wonderful for read your poetry. In fact both poems have the same power and the magic is the change that came out of them. I love thunderstorms! I hope you write more poetry. this was so enchanting to read.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. you must. it was very moving. and when it touches another person means it is true poetry and probably won’t let go of you since it has come back! Unfortunately poetry opens up only when I am strangled in sorrow! then it flies out!Like a mound of nice American pan cakes!

        Liked by 1 person

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