Good night, Garden

Hello blogging friends and readers! Many of you probably saw my few garden posts this summer. My growing garden is my primary priority in the summer season  as I have days off from my school job to focus on the tilling, weeding and picking. Here we are in late October with colder night frosts, therefore my garden is on its way out.




Some of my harvest this year.


We picked endless amounts of squashes, tomatoes and cucumbers this year. Our first year growing corn again was a success with three rows of healthy stalks bearing about 25 ears of corn. It wasn’t the best season for carrots and eggplant though. ( we had three eggplants compared to 25 a couple of years ago)


September harvest
Earlier summer days with a visiting Monarch butterfly
Huge lush squashes sprawled out of its space.
The colors of the garden reflect fall days.


Once again the growing season has flown by! Gazing at the once plot of greenery, now all there is brown corn stalks, tomato bushes deprecated by frost and memories of what once was. Despite all this, my broccoli plants still sport a healthy shade of green and are still producing broccoli sprigs.


Soon Tom and I will cut down the plants and throw in our compost pile out back. We could cover the garden with cut evergreen boughs but it may not be necessary. I need to stake a portion of our fence so the heavy snow won’t knock it down. Then there will be nothing else to do but dream of next year’s crop and plan changes for June 2018.


In some regions gardeners plant fall crops. Are you growing any plants this time of year?


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

14 thoughts on “Good night, Garden

  1. Know what you. Mean. We put our. Garden to. Rest. Last. Week. Had lots of. Carrots. Cukes. Squash. Onions. But. Beets. Didn’t. Do. Good this. Year. Canning. Pickles. All done still working. Taking. Care of. Apples. Have. A. Great. Day. You two. Much. Love.

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    1. Hi Aunt Ruby, I grew beets, a short row this year. I’m the only one who likes them. They came out great. I wonder why yours didn’t. My carrots weren’t so great for some reason. Have a happy weekend!❤️😎


  2. I tried some Fall veggies as I couldn’t do summer ones because of travel plans, unfortunately, it got too cold too quickly and they weren’t successful, so now I wait for next year:(

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    1. Oh, yummy fruit! It’s funny you mention that because my youngest son asked us to grow fruit this year. The only fruit we could plant are blueberry bushes, strawberries and maybe a pear tree.


  3. Sos fun to see your crop in Mary!! and loved those healthy green green squash plants!! So satisfying to gather tomatoes or chard from the garden and used it for dinner. We have planted lettuces in the fall/winter a couple years, but not this one. Hope all’s going well at your house Mary. hugs from here!

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