Window Boxes

Last year I had a budding idea to build wooden window boxes for our house. When driving by neighborhood homes, the flowing flowers embedded in troughs just below windows appealed to me. I decided on doing this and actually asked my husband to teach me how to build them.


We ambitiously started planning our new project, which had to be done for spring. The questions raised, how many boxes? What material will they be made of? Where do we start? In the beginning I wanted six boxes for our front windows, five for flowers and the sixth one would be outside the kitchen window for herbs.



imageimageimageimageMy husband had the sturdy wood from a discard pile in the shed and transported it here. He cut the right boards into three long pieces( two for the sides, one for the bottom) and two end pieces. I don’t work the electric saw he used so I just handed him the pieces and threw the scraps aside as he worked. Next we screwed the pieces together with an electric screwdriver. I tried this and did a couple. For someone who has never used power tools, I managed. You have to push hard on the tool for it work best.


When the boxes were complete, we had four nice boxes for my flower mix. I decided four would be enough and my herbs can go in my garden as always. Tom’s former employer, Mrs. Geneen, had a tradition of planting this mix in her planters. ( Someday I will enlighten you all on our story with this special woman and our storybook life at her estate!) Of course Tom planted them every year so he has memorized the mix. I placed a spike in the middle, two red geraniums on each side, two purple ( blue) petunias on each side and white bicopa which will drape over the edges.


I painted the boxes with a deep brown stain to match our rustic house, while sunshine warmed my face and demeanor. I thought of how thankful I was to have my husband teach me the ropes. Although I never will make products like this alone, now I have an understanding of the steps it takes. I’m happy that he let me help and when the electric saws came into play, he took over. Tom is a good teacher and I will never forget this experience!



As I joyfully planted the posies and sifted through the soil, my cat Katie sat inside as a committed spectator. She sniffed, tried to bite the spike through the screen, and got her claws stuck in the screen. I actually had to drop the window down so she wouldn’t wreck our screen. Now that it’s been a day, the cats are used to the flowers and their inability to reach them. They jump up on the window sill and enjoy the picture show of the newly planted flowers with fluttering birds on the lawn.




The lovely presentation dresses up our front yard with two neighboring lilac bushes. Even from inside the flowers create a peaceful beautiful space. There is a rich harmony  to both spaces as I thank God for this small gift of life, life that will certainly enhance mine the next few months!




All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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